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Devyani Jaipuriya

Have been using "Baking From My Heart" products for a long time and I absolutely love them. So healthy and nourishing 

Kapil Chopra

Chairman of EazyDiner, India’s largest eating out app and CEO of the experiential luxury hotel chain, The Postcard Hotel.

Aarti’s son Mannat was diagnosed with Celiac Disease which led Aarti to create some delicious treats that Mannat could enjoy. Aarti, being very passionate and detailed about whatever she undertakes, she did extensive research on gluten free recipes. She started producinggluten free recipes much before gluten free became a norm for fitness or keeping the gut clean.

Chef Deep Mohan Singh Bajaj

Ex Oberoi, New Delhi Pastry Chef

I have used baking from my heart extensively for my gluten free clientele - with very promising results. Our multigrain Glutenfree breads were always very well appreciated! I will not hesitate in recommending this product.

Chef Avijit Gosh

Chef Consultant

There is a great demand for Gluten free products among my clientele. Ms Aarti Sarin's Baking from my heart products, especially the Gluten free bread mix is of high quality and has always rendered the best results for my health conscious guests. I  endorse this product whole heartedly

Vidushi Mehra

Actor, Producer and Coach

I am a huge fan of Aarti's gluten free products, have been ordering cookies, cakes and breads for the last few years. I love the taste and feel very confident of her ingredients and the painstaking effort she puts in all of her products. I wish Aarti more power and believe without a doubt that she will be a household name in health and nutrition in the years to come. If you dont have atleast one of her products in your kitchen you are missing out a great deal.

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