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  • PRESET bread machine to basic/glutenfree mode/setting.
  • PROO Fyeastin95°C-100° Cwater for 5minutes with 1/4t spsugar.
  • WHISK together oil, eggs, honey, vinegarinajug.
  • POUR the yeast mixture and egg mixture into the bread machine panandadd breadmix.
  • BAKE as per bread cycle and let the bread cool completely.


  • PREHEAT ovento180"C/3SO"C.
  • PROOF yeast in 95°C-100°C water for 5minutes with 1/4tsp sugar.
  • WHISK together oil, eggs, honey and vinegar in a jug.
  • POUR the yeast mixture and egg mixture into a freestanding mixing bowl/bowl with a handle mixer add the bread mixin two parts mixing continuously till mixed completely.
  • POUR the bread agreased pan and smooth the top with somewater.
  • PROOF for 1hour till doubled in size.
  • BAKE for 1hour till completely done.let the bread cool for an hour and de-mould.

Bread Mix

  • Blendo(BrownRice, Jowar/SorghumRagi, FingeMillet,PotatStarchXanthum Gum) SaltHusFlax Seeds.

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