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Is Gluten Free Diet Real or a Fad?

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The first month of the year bring s my thoughts to the fact that so many people think being “Gluten Free” is a choice and we are doing it as it is a “FAD” it makes you look special and in vogue.

The reality is to live on a gluten free diet isn’t so easy just like living with any disease can be tough. The challenges are never ending. Just the other day my boy got a rash which is a perfect sign of some gluten is being consumed. How could it be? Where is, it coming from? My kitchen is a 100 percent gluten free kitchen. It is like a maze that you get lost in and so what to get out of it. The first thought that comes is it is packed food like chips (that can’t be replaced for a 9year old by his mom, they are certified gluten free, is the facility gluten free ???). Is it some food that came in some box that got unnoticed. Is it the sponge used to clean the dishes? And the list is never ending.

The fear of a blood test that everyone with Celiac Disease need to get it done once a year. Oh! The nails have white lines means the calcium is low. You know that something is wrong? Do I want to run from this? The answer is “Yes” but can I run from it? NO ! so what do you do? You go on a cleaning spree of your child’s gut! You check every grain you put in your mill. You ban all packed goods and have a tough 9 year old who is  looking for junk food.  Remember it was 5 years ago that my life changed. The blood test called TTG and IgA came positive and the biopsy confirmed that my son has an autoimmune condition that is fed by gluten a protein. Did you know that 10,000 years and everyone was on a gluten free diet.

Preparing for every birthday party, school event and every time you step out your brain can only think of the food you might find. I walk into restaurants, cafes and check so what’s “Gluten Free”. The other day I had suggested to a restaurant that I’ll help you make a great pizza base and the person just insulted me and said it isn’t rocket sign. Days like this I wish everyone was “Gluten Free”. Everyone wants to put something gluten free on there menu without carrying about the person with Celiac Disease whose health depends on it.

Being a “FAD” yes I think it is as all the nutritionists who know nothing about being on a gluten free diet advice it to all their patients. Patients start on a gluten free diet without getting an investigation and feel better as we all know gluten isn’t good for us. Without gluten you will lose weight, reduces fatigue and removes brain fog. But that isn’t a solution you are sitting on a time bomb that will blow up, if not checked.

The other day I had someone call me saying the blood test and biopsy had different results. The minute I said that the kid needs to go back on gluten for 3 months. Oh! My god the nutritionists said that isn’t possible as my diet is gluten free. Making money over someone’s health is a crime. My request to all who read this if you have any signs of Celiac Disease go to a gastroenterologists and not to a nutritionist/ dietician. Facing it early is the best thing that can happened to you or your child.

I’ll end my the person who inspires me the most President Barack Obama” If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress”.

Someday “Gluten Free” will be a part of our lives and I hope it is before my boy turns 18.

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